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I am wondering if I could clean up sandbox everytime I run the application. I don't want to clean and rebuild every time since it takes long time.

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What are you putting in the application sandbox that needs to be cleaned up? What impact is it having on your app? – bneely Sep 29 '13 at 1:49

Delete the app off the device/simulator. That deletes the entire sandbox environment. Deleting off the target device/sim is independent of doing a clean. Clean deletes compiled object files and the app from the Xcode build directory, which is separate from deleting it from the device/sim.

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Clean and Build, Reset contents and settings of simulator, are the only methods that can restart the sand box, so the proper answer is there is no way to do it other than that, now you could try deleting derived data, which would delete temp files and thus technically reset them but then that's a process you would have to go through each time before running the app which would slow down your QA – A'sa Dickens Sep 29 '13 at 2:15
@A'saDickens Simply deleting the app from the simulator or device is another way to reset the sandbox since the app will be installed into a fresh sandbox. There is no need to reset the simulator or no need to do a clean build. As stated in the the answer, a clean build has nothing at all to do with clearing the sandbox. Two very different and independent things. – rmaddy Sep 29 '13 at 2:38
oh true :o that works – A'sa Dickens Sep 29 '13 at 20:51

Clean and rebuild doesn't delete the application data stored on the simulator by the previous runs of the app. Clean and rebuild only cleans away and rebuilds the executable before sending it to the device.

To delete the sandbox app data, you can select "Reset contents and settings of simulator" in Simulator menu, or properly delete the app from the simulator.

If you want to clean the simulator stored data more easily, there are a few helpers:

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i don't know if you found the solution but i'll share what I've created:

but be warned this will always wipe your iOS Simulator apps

At first you need to this bash script Gist: Clean iOS Simulator Apps

and then you need to configure a behaviour in the Xcode like I did in this screenshot. When the run finishes I've set the script to be executed. enter image description here

If you need to clean a specific app you should create a clean script for each app you need to clean, it will look like this:

pkill -9 -fi simulator  2>/dev/null
_WD="$HOME/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator"
find "$_WD" -iname "" | while read l; do
    f=$(dirname "$l")
    rm -rf "$f"
    unset f
unset _WD

in the find command you will change the parameter "" to the app you need to remove. (Not tested).

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Create a directory called 'dev' and store everything in that (as if it was your documents folder). At launch, delete it if it exists?

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