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I have a class with some methods like this:

private Task Sleep()
    return Task.Delay(SleepDuration);

public async Task<User> Login(string username, string password)
    await Sleep();

    return new User { Id = 1, Username = username };

Note, SleepDuration is set to 0 during my tests.

If I call the following in an iOS NUnit project test:

myClass.Login("username", "password").Wait();

The test runner's UI pauses and never completes. If I add break points, the code never reaches the line after the await. The same test works fine running in the standard NUnit runner in a .Net 4.5 Mono project. It also works fine in my application, although I never call Wait and always use async/await.

Any ideas? Is there something else I can use instead of Task.Delay to prevent the deadlock? I tried Task.Factory.StartNew(() => { }) already.

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Modern versions of NUnit supply a SynchronizationContext for their unit tests so that they can support async void unit tests.

It's quite likely that this context is causing a deadlock when you block on asynchronous code (i.e., Wait). I have a blog post that describes the interaction in detail. Note that this deadlock only happens if Task.Delay returns an Task that is not yet completed; for extremely short delays, there's a race condition whether the Task is completed or not by the time it hits the Wait.

I recommend that you use await in your unit test, and make your test method async Task.

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I'm using the NUnit project template for Xamarin.iOS, it uses a version of NUnit Lite (via MonoTouch.NUnitLite) and doesn't support async tests. It works fine in a normal Mono/.Net 4.5 NUnit project even with NUnit 2.6.0. But I think 2.6.2 is required for async tests. –  jonathanpeppers Sep 29 '13 at 22:57
Ok, your comment on an unfinished task led me to a workaround. I used Task.FromResult(true) instead of Task.Delay(0), but I still think this is a bug in Xamarin.iOS's version of NUnit since everything works fine in the standard Mono NUnit project. –  jonathanpeppers Sep 29 '13 at 23:01
@jonathanpeppers XI 7.0 ships with NUnitlite 0.9 which supports async tests. –  poupou Oct 2 '13 at 18:37
I'll try an async test and let you know. –  jonathanpeppers Oct 2 '13 at 20:57
Async works on iOS, but not in the NUnit runner in Xamarin Studio. We kind of want both to work. If I use async/await it works on iOS, and calling Wait() on the Task works in the Mono project. Calling Wait() also works well in MsTest in Visual Studio, which is normally what I've always done. –  jonathanpeppers Oct 5 '13 at 12:54

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