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I tried uiautomator tools on JB .. After I configured the attachment source code for uiautomator (android sdk/sources/android-18) with Android source in Eclipse , I had this problem: I declared

public class UiAutomatorTestCase extends InstrumentationTestCase {...}.

However, referring to the SDK document, it should inherit from TestCase:

public class UiAutomatorTestCase extends TestCase {...}.

my question is:

  • which inherited relationship is correct ?
  • how can I attach the source code in Eclipse with the uiautomator library.
  • How can I normal android api in uiautomator, such as startService(), broadcast , content provide, etc...
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answers in same order

  1. public class UiAutomatorTestCase extends TestCase
  2. compile UiAutomator source and create a jar file using jar utility
  3. just import android.(remember you added android.jar as external jar while creating UiAutomator project)
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