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I have a Parser object that contains 15 items from the internet (articles). I am trying to load this items in my TableView. My problem is that I have 8 items visible at start (4 inch retina simulator) but when start scrolling, almost all my contents are lost and I can not see the rest of the 7 items. Not sure what I am doing wrong, this is my code:

- (void)viewDidLoad
    [super viewDidLoad];

    parser = [[Parser alloc] init];

- (NSInteger)numberOfSectionsInTableView:(UITableView *)tableView
    return 1;

- (NSInteger)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView numberOfRowsInSection:(NSInteger)section
    return [[parser items] count];

- (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath
    ArticleCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:@"ArticleCell"];
    Article *article = [parser items][indexPath.row];

    cell.title.text = article.title;
    cell.date.text = article.date;

    return cell;


This is what it shows when scrollin if I log the data before returning the cell inside cellRowAtIndexPath:

2013-09-29 13:37:05.341 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 0 . Title: Cagliari-Inter, tutte le curiosità
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:05.343 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 1 . Title: Cerrone "Oggi abbiamo vinto da squadra"
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:05.344 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 2 . Title: Le immagini del 10° "Memorial Prisco"
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:05.345 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 3 . Title: Primavera, Udinese-Inter 0-1
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:05.345 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 4 . Title: Tutte le immagini della vigilia di Cagliari-Inter
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:05.346 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 5 . Title: Udinese-Inter Primavera, 0-0 a fine primo tempo
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:05.347 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 6 . Title: Mazzarri "Rischio buccia di banana in un momento di euforia"
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:05.348 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 7 . Title: Inter Campus in Bosnia Erzegovina: passi avanti per i progetti a Sarajevo e Domanovici
 ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:11.053 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 8 . Title: (null) ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:28.181 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 9 . Title: (null) ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:29.499 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 10 . Title: (null) ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:29.591 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 11 . Title: (null) ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:35.642 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 1 . Title: (null) ; date: (null) .
2013-09-29 13:37:35.767 Inter[3685:a0b] Article for index: 0 . Title: (null) ; date: (null) .


Complete code here.

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do you initialize title and date in your custom cell? or you just connect them from storyboard? –  null Sep 29 '13 at 8:38
No, I just connect them from the storyboard –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 8:44
Its strange that when I scroll, all my elements from items array becomes nil. –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 8:53
Well, the TableViewController behaves as it should, in that case. The items array is the problem. Is there any other place you are working with items array? Another thread? Are you using ARC? –  Mercurial Sep 29 '13 at 8:57
No, I don't use ARC and I use it only in my tableview cellForRowAtIndexPath –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 8:59

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Try changing the property from (nonatomic, weak)

NSMutableString *title; 
NSMutableString *date;

to (nonatomic, strong) should solve your problem.

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same problem also –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 11:07
Showing the source code for Parser would definitely help then. –  Unheilig Sep 29 '13 at 11:30
see my edit from my question –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 11:45
Then you may need to change: (nonatomic, weak) NSMutableString *title; (nonatomic, weak) NSMutableString *date; to (nonatomic, strong) –  Unheilig Sep 29 '13 at 11:46
Shit, your right –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 12:00
 -(void) ViewDidLoad {
  [super ViewDidLoad];
    parser = [Parser alloc] init];

You Reallocated and reinitialised parser, is there any part of the code that you are reloading data? If not your data store will be empty.

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Hmm, I am not reloading anywhere. I'm new to IOS so can you give me some details –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 9:01
If data is already inside as I suspect it is, just take out the alloc] init[ statement. if not you need to look for the code that loads it (is this an XML parser] …. execute it and then [self.tableView reload data]; this will load whatever you have in parser to the table view. –  Paulo Sep 29 '13 at 9:05
Well, my parser parses some xml content and stores the content in a NSMutableArray. in the viewCOntroller if I remove the initialization, my table view will be empty. So I don't quite understand where to reload the data ? –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 9:19
I am not familiar with your Parser Class if it is anything like TBXML or NSXMLParser - Your data source should be the NSMutableArray …. your tableview delegate methods should reflect this …. numberofRowsinSection and cellforrowatindexpath should use the array instead of the parser. –  Paulo Sep 29 '13 at 9:25
Yes, I use NSXMLParser using the 3 delegates: didStartElement, didEndElement, foundCharacters. So what your saying is to copy the items from the parser array to a local array inside viewcontroller ? –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 9:29

My suggestions:

  1. Please check, if your tableView's delegate and dataSource are set up correctly. I haven't seen that in your code.
  2. Please check, what cell class is registered to your table view. I mean, you need to use tableView's registerClass:forCellReuseIdentifier: or registerNib:forCellReuseIdentifier: somewhere.

Anyway, I'm used to work with GUI without IB or storyboards (so, I'm doing everything programmatically), so it's possible that you don't need to do that.

Good luck.

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I guess this is done, but I don't quite understand, when one cell goes off the screen when scrolling the item from my array becomes nil. –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 10:22

I have similar issue before. the cause of my problem is that my view controller get released after I scroll my table view, can you please check if you have same cause?

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Being new to IOS I don't know how to check this, can you explain ? –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 8:22
try add a - (void)dealloc { NSLog(@"Oops, my view controller is released"); } to your view controller and see if the this method get called? –  lanbo Sep 29 '13 at 8:25
It doesn't get released. –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 8:27

Try to do the below:

- (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath
    static NSString * MyIdentifier = @"ArticleCell";
    ArticleCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier: MyIdentifier];
    Article *article = [parser items][indexPath.row];

    cell.title.text = article.title;
    cell.date.text = article.date;

    return cell;
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Same problem, unfortunately –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 8:58

The problem is that the identifier used should be static string

So declare an identifier which is statisc and assign it

static NSString *cellId = @"cellIdentifier";    
ArticleCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier: cellId];

Also make sure the storyboard cell has the same identifier value.ie here 'cellIdentifier'

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I have done this but with no effect –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 9:00
@vBx sure [parser items] contains 15 items always? –  Lithu T.V Sep 29 '13 at 9:03
Yes, but after I scroll, all of the items becomes nil –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 9:05
ok one qn? How u create custom cell? –  Lithu T.V Sep 29 '13 at 9:06
Not sure I understand the question. Isn't cellForRowAtIndexPath creating the cells ? –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 9:10

Check what happens with [[parser items] count] when you scroll. My guess is that it decreases which decrease the row count in your table.

I may be wrong here because I don't know what's Parser (probably your custom class?) but in case if it is used to parse HTTP response, perhaps item count decreases when the parsing has been done?

To check parser item count, add the following to your tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath:

NSLog(@"Parser item count: %d", parser.items.count);

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It is always 15, but they become nil after scrolling. –  vBx Sep 29 '13 at 9:07
Could you put the source code of Parser in your question? Also it would help if you provided parts of code where you add items to parser. –  Andris Zalitis Sep 29 '13 at 9:11

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