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I have a simple program like below:

    public class StringDemo {

          public static String s = "abcdef";

          private static boolean test(String str) {
            if (!str.startsWith("abc")) {
              return false;
            return true;

          public static void doTest() {

          public static void main(String srgs[]) {

Both test and doTest are static methods, but after compiling to bytecode, I can only see doTest, and testis missing. Can anybody explain for me why? Thanks.

P/S: I can't put bytecode in here, because stackoverflow keeps showing an error "your post is mostly code, please put more details"...etc

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If you cannot post something here, there are tools such as pastebin.com –  C.Champagne Sep 29 '13 at 8:33

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you should use javap with -private flag in order to see private methods javap -c -private xxxxxxxx

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