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I have two byte buffers var a,b []byte, I am looking for a replacement for Go's built-in copy function to copy from one byte buffer to the other, preferably pure Go implementation and efficiency is important.

The reason is that copy reliably crashes my program due to unexpected fault address, therefore I would like to experiment with a non-native copy() replacement to find out if the crash was caused by my program logics or not.

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Looks like a bug in the runtime. Could you attempt to reduce your code to the smallest possible piece that still exhibits the problem? –  FUZxxl Sep 29 '13 at 11:20
thanks @FUZxxl after some debugging, I found that a mistake in my buffer management caused copy to segfault. –  user972946 Sep 29 '13 at 11:32

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For the sake of debugging, use something like this:

func myCopy (a, b []byte) int {
    var length int

    if (len(a) < len(b)) {
        length = len(a)
    } else {
        length = len(b)

   for i := 0; i < length; i++ {
        a[i] = b[i]

   return length
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