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I need some help with my weather station. I would like to save all results into mysql database, but at the moment i've got all results in txt files.

Can you help me to write a script in python, to read from txt file and save into mysql?

My txt file (temperature.txt) contains data and temperature. It looks like:

2013-09-29 13:24 22.60

I'm using python script to get temperature and current time from big "result.txt" file:


import time

buffer = bytes()

fh = open("/home/style/pomiar/result.txt")

for line in fh:


last = line

items = last.strip().split()


print time.strftime("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M"), items[1]

But I would like to "print" that into mysql table. I know how to connect, but I dont know how to save data into table.

I know I need to use: #!/usr/bin/python

import MySQLdb

# Open database connection
db = MySQLdb.connect("localhost","user","password","weather" )

And I've got my database "weather" with table "temperature". Dont know if I made good table (first - datatime, second varchar (5)). And now I need python script to read from this file and save into mysql.

Thanks a lot for ur support.

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Show us what you have tried so far and where you got stuck. We are not writing code for you based on some vague requirements. – Andreas Jung Sep 29 '13 at 11:29

Next step is simple:

from contextlib import closing

with closing(self.db.cursor()) as cur:
    cur.execute("INSERT INTO table1(`measured_at`,`temp`) VALUES(%s, %s)", (measured_at,  temp))

P.S. It looks like you ask this question because you didn't make your homework and didn't read via ANY python tutorial how to work with MySQL.

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