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I am stuck with this now, I had windows phone sdk installed on vs 2012 but suddenly, creating a project in it starts to give me object reference not set to an instance error! could not create project.

I uninstalled sdk ,uninstalled vs2012, installed again and now when i try to install phone sdk 8.0 i get this error saying Microsoft visual studio express 2012 for windows phone cannot find requested object. Windows phone 8.0 Emulator images Cannot find the requested object.

I am having heads gone moments now! please help..

I have windows 8 pro 64 bit and do have hyper v enabled and checked.error

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same happened to me. it occurs because of corrupted .iso file. so either download a new one or install using online installation, i'm afraid but this is the only possible solution.

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Try to either update or uninstall NuGet. This worked for me: UNINSTALLED NuGet (as updates to it did not work)

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