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When you input "google" into Google, you will see there is a + button

Show stock quote for GOOG

With firebug, you can see <div class="csb mbi">, what is the content of the class

csb mbi

I want to create such a button,and after clicking it, it will become a - button. How to do it?

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Here's an example with a +/- button, no images. All text and CSS.

alt text

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Cool. Thank you. – Steven Dec 16 '09 at 2:15

The button is actually just an image. Google loads an image which contains a bunch of the links and images for their site and just adjusts the display of the background to show the piece they want to show.

These are the main styles needed to achieve what they're doing.

background:transparent url(/images/nav_logo7.png) no-repeat scroll 0 0;
background-position:-91px -74px;

You can find all of this by examining the CSS when you're using FireBug.

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What is the source of this image? I want to download it. – Steven Dec 15 '09 at 14:29
@Steven I hope you are aware that reusing this button in one of your project is most likely a violation of google copyright – jitter Dec 15 '09 at 14:34

it's this image:

for inspecting those things, use firebug:

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