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I'm wondering if it's possible to monitor http traffic on a remote IP address on a LAN or WLAN? Got an employee I think is surfing the internet all day instead of working. I do software development, but not a lot of networking stuff so I'm not sure what's possible and if so what's a good tool to use.

thanks you!

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There is spyware you can install that will tell you what he's up to. You can also use your network to mirror the network port he's attached to (if your hardware supports this), and use a sniffer to see what he's up to.

Some network hardware will also tell you (if configured to) who is talking to what and for how long, without showing you the data. Netflow, Sflow and IP Accounting al do this for you. If your local LAN switch or Wan router supports any of these features, you will probably find this the quicker way to get what you want.

Do check you are on safe legal ground before doing this though. Laws are different in different countries. Some places I worked had me sign something when I started, stating I understood and agreed to the fact the company could look at all my online activity. Even with that in place, we were still not allowed to monitor users in some countries (Germany springs to mind), as their privacy laws prevented it (or so we were told).

Hope that helps, Alex

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