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I am looking into using , but I am wondering how it effects google analytics. Google analytics is a snippet of code at the bottom of pages. I would imagine deep linking would still look like activity on the initial page, not new pages.

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Jared. Did you resolve this yet? If so can you post your answer? – djburdick May 27 '10 at 18:13
bandhunt - no, I never came to a resolution, other than I noticed that the website that provides examples of jquery deep linking uses google analytics. I am just not familiar enough with analytics and deep linking to do an extensive test... – Jared Jun 12 '10 at 20:18
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From what I can see it will look to google analytics like navigating to a new page.

Just open e.g. and check the requests FF makes (e.g. with Live HTTP Headers) and you will see that the google analytics fires a request for every tab you switch to.

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Thanks for the info! Unfortunately, every tab says Referer: At least that confirms that I am going to need some tricky coding... – Jared Dec 15 '09 at 14:52

in it's current version 1.3 the jquery address plugin tries to do the ga tracking automatically, using the asynchronous ga tracking (see this is also mentioned in plugin's api docs at (look for $.address.tracker)

actually this new behaviour (i was using address' version 1.0 before) broke my custom tracking code on an ajax site - as it isn't configurable, i had to downgrade to 1.0.

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As long as the page, and the analytics code is being loaded, it will still count as a hit on the page. I don't think there would be any negative impacts of using this plug in.

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