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I'm new to grails and not quiet understanding why my form keeps calling the index method of my controller even though I assign the action to call a test method.

Here is the gsp:

<g:form action="test">
        <g:submitToRemote update="updateMe" value="Click Me!" />
    <div id="updateMe"></div>

Here is how it is rendered:

<form action="/CEFConnect/CEFTicker/test" method="post">
  <input onclick="jQuery.ajax({type:'POST',data:jQuery(this).parents('form:first').serialize(),
                 return false" 
         type="button" value="Click Me!">
</form><div id="updateMe"></div>

The ajax is calling '/CEFConnect/CEFTicker/index' and not '/CEFConnect/CEFTicker/test'

Here is the controller:

class CEFTickerController {

def index() {
    render "<p>index called.</p>"

def list() {


def test() {
    render "<p>test called.</p>"

The page I'm calling this from is '/CEFConnect/CEFTicker/list'. So, I'm not calling the action from the current action.

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Use url in submitToRemote

<g:submitToRemote url="[action: 'test']" update="updateMe" value="Click Me!"/>

Per documentation.

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