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me and my friends are making product inventory system. we focus on the in and out of the product stock. we want the database to be able to print a daily and weekly summary of the movement products in stock.. in the summary the stock in and stock out count of the product included..computed for the whole day by the use of their bar code. the total remaining stock also counted, in summary of the whole day. we find it hard to determine how to code a database to separate data by date.. for we making a summary, the stock in today is differ from stock in data for yesterday. i also want to put the remaining stock of yesterday can be viewed as the previous stock of today. we plan to use ms access for it and/or may be also use vb.net.

i just want to have some idea how this concept, i mean this system plan of us will work. is it possible?

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just start writing some codes .. –  matzone Sep 29 '13 at 15:48
You need teh CODEZ –  Johnny Bones Sep 29 '13 at 15:48
This site is not meant for high-level conceptual questions like this one. You could try rephrasing as a specific software problem. –  Yawar Sep 29 '13 at 16:59

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Your question is very broad and would require a very broad answer dealing with Relational Databases. The best thing you could do to get started is to study the sample databases that come with Access (like NorthWind and Biblio) and see how they are setup (focus on relationships). Access also comes with many Wizards that can help create the tables and queries needed. There are also probably some open source stock systems which you might be able to use or modify or at least look at to find out what you need to learn.

Some of the stuff you mention is not actually stored in the database, but are the result of queries and/or code which analyzes the data stored there.


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I agree, this question really is too broad. You really need to understand inventory movements along with good database or business object design. You really need to work through the required business processes associated with your need for an inventory system. A few things to keep in mind once you start with the broad outline of you design: 1) I would stay away from Access if possible. At a minimum use SQL Express and 2) You will probably want a transaction table in order to track daily transactions.

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