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Sonar jira plugin can't connect to the internal jira server.

In our company, connections to external resources must be established through a proxy. Our jira server is hosted internally, for example running at http://myjira.

In my browser's proxy settings, I must add the myjira hostname to the list of ignored hosts.

Is it possible to tell Sonar to do the same thing as my browser ?


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Although, this should not be a problem assuming that you are running both sonar and jira on the same network.

I would update your sonar.properties file and set the proxy settings for sonar .


# The Update Center requires an internet connection to request  
# http://update.sonarsource.org
# It is activated by default:

# HTTP proxy (default none)

# NT domain name if NTLM proxy is used

# SOCKS proxy (default none)

# proxy authentication. The 2 following properties are used for
# HTTP and SOCKS proxies.
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