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I am trying to send some dynamically created input field values to PHP to validate them and make some checks in the database in the background. I don't want to use submit form but just check the fields after click a button.


<input name="clockpick" class="input-mini timeinputfrom" data-format="hh:mm" type="text"></input>
<input name="clockpick" class="input-mini timeinputfrom" data-format="hh:mm" type="text"></input>
<button id="check" class="btn btn-primary">check</button></div>

The input boxes can be dynamically created depending how many are necessary. I get the values into jquery but don't find any possibility to send them via post to php.


$('#submit').on('click', function() {

var inputfield = $('input[name="clockpick"]');

 $('input[name="clockpick1"]').each(function( index, element ) {
    console.log( "Wert" + index + ": " + $( element ).val() );          

        type: "POST",
        url: "productiontimevalidate.php",
        data: ????


How can I send the values / array to PHP?

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Another way would be to add the values to an array, and convert it to json for sending.

var allClockPicks = [];
$('input[name="clockpick1"]').each(function( index, element ) {

Then, the ajax can send data as

data: {cp: JSON.stringify(allClockPicks)}

On the php side, you can json_decode them as below:

$cpArray = json_decode($_POST['cp'], true);
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If your elements are inside <form class="my-form"> [elements...] </form>

You can use this short version:

$.post('/my/path/app.php', $('.my-form').serialize(), function(r) {
},'json'); // parse response as JSON


echo json_encode(array('success' => true, 'post', $_POST));
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