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I'm using Unity 4.0.0f7 for a 2D game, and it has to use a C# script to convert all the textures to the desired mode for sprite manager 2.

I can't see the custom tab. All I see is

File | Edit | Assets | GameObject | Terrain | Window | Help

How can I get the custom tab to be available?

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For a custom menu item to appear your script will need to import the UnityEditor namespace and use the appropriate MenuItem before the function you want to get called. Something more or less like:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

//Let's for example give a custom component some fancy menu item
public class WonderfulThingDoer : MonoBehaviour
    static void MyWonderfulThingToDo()
        //insert amazing stuff here

Given that you say you already have a script available, I would assume it's in your project. If it's an editor extension however, it has to be in an Editor folder. This can be a direct sub-folder of the Assets folder, or of any other (sub-)folder within Assets. So have a look at that first.

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