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I am working on an AR based web app where I need to display some product images on a marker. I found SLARToolkit and the samples are working fine. But now I need to display the 3D models of the products instead of sample "3D world and cubes". As I am a developer, I don't have any idea about 3D modeling though I have a designer in my team. Now I need to know, how to convert the images to 3D models that will be placed on the markers? Are there any softwares which can do the conversions?

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images as such cannot be converted to 3d . although you can use some technique to conver the image object like using shadows and all –  Anobik Sep 29 '13 at 18:23

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This si a link that lets you play with 3d effect


and I can suggest you to drop a shadow in silverlight using

<DropShadowEffect Direction="0" BlurRadius="10" 
              ShadowDepth="1" Opacity="0.6" Color="White" />
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