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Since It seem to be important to ask a question in Stack Overflow, I ask. But it's more like a comment: The Jeet fixed-menu example are getting very slow in Firefox latest for Windows XP. The first time I scroll the page it is as fast at suspected, but after two or three scrolls it starts to get slower and slower. It is all OK in Chrome latest.

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Update Decoupled and refactored the whole thing. Hope you like it. Works perfect in Jeet and smooth in all browsers down to IE7+:

Thanks for asking. First off, you're exactly right. I'm not great at JS so I tested this on all the browsers as I was developing it and it seemed fine, then I just stopped testing it on Firefox for the last leg of it's development and went ahead and pushed it, then I investigated it in Firefox and exactly as you say, theres some event bubbling or some leak that is causing it to be broken.

I had already opened a ticket for this here:

And although I really appreciate you asking questions about Jeet on Stack (as it helps get our community out there a little bit), I think this is a prime example of something that should be reported as a bug in the issue tracker.

Feel free to +1 this issue

I'll be refactoring it within the next week if I can find time. Rest assured it won't be ignored for long though.

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