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I've been searching for hours but I couldn't find an answer to my question: I've set up a ListGrid similar to the one shown here (Link). Right now I am using a XML-File as data source (default rows) just like in the example. It is also possible to add and delete rows to/from the grid.

Therefore I would like to store every user's data from the grid in a data store (Google Datastore). So I need to read all the rows of the current user as Strings. What would be a good way to do that? I already tried the following, but without success:

    ListGrid componentsGrid = new ListGrid();


        //First try
        logger.log(Level.INFO, "Components: "+ componentsGrid.getResultSet().get(0).getAttribute("componentType"));

        //Second try                    
        logger.log(Level.INFO, "Components: "+ componentsGrid.getAllFields());

       // Third try
       logger.log(Level.INFO, "Components: "+ componentsGrid.getRecords());

Anyone having a hint? Help is greatly appreciated.

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If I understand well your requirement you want to read all the rows of the grid and store their data in a db. I think you can use: getRecordList() which *Return the underlying data of this DataBoundComponent as a RecordList. You will be able to iterate inside this list, extract the attribute value you want for every record and store these data in your db. Or use the getRecords() method as you said and iterate in the array of ListGridRecord obtained.

To iterate through your RecordList you have to transform it to an array, for example with a lot of dummy objects and methods:

RecordList data = MyGrid.getRecordList();
for(Record record : data.toArray()){
    MyDataObject obj = new MyDataObject()
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Hi, thanks for your answer! Yes you got me right. However, so far I wasn't able to achieve what you wrote. If I call getRecords() the API says it's only for non-databound grids and suggests to use getResultSet(). As with getRecordList() I was not able to iterate inside those sets/lists because my compiler says it's only possible for arrays. Could you provide me with an example of how to iterate in this case? I tried: int i = 0; for (Record record : componentsGrid.getRecordList()){ logger.log(Level.INFO, "Component-ResultSet: "+ record.getAttributeAsString("componentType")); i++; } –  user2828716 Oct 1 '13 at 9:07
I Edited my answer –  Alain BUFERNE Oct 1 '13 at 14:29
Thank you! I'm afraid this does not work for me. I still get null objects. Am I right to take my field names (i.e. the column-names) as the attribute names? –  user2828716 Oct 1 '13 at 23:59
If you have for example such a datasource: sourceDS = new DataSource(); DataSourceField valeurSource = new DataSourceField("valeur", FieldType.TEXT); valeurSource.setPrimaryKey(true); valeurSource.setTitle(titreSource); sourceDS.setFields(valeurSource); You will use "valeur" as the attribute. –  Alain BUFERNE Oct 2 '13 at 6:54
Sorry for bothering you, but it still doesen't work. If I take e.g. this showcase example and add RecordList data = countryGrid.getRecordList(); for(Record record : data.toArray()){ GWT.log(record.getAttribute("countryCode")); } I would expect to get listed all data belonging to the "countryCode"-column. Instead, I get nothing. If I add another countryGrid.fetchData(new Criteria("countryCode", "US"));I get several null-printouts. What am I doing wrong? Thank you! –  user2828716 Oct 2 '13 at 15:16

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