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I should have the reference to the same static library in 2 my projects in the same solution. While linking one project has this reference, another one does not have. So I am getting link errors in the 2nd project. However, I can see the difference only in the .vcxproj file:

One has the line:

<AdditionalOptions>/ERRORREPORT:PROMPT ..\debug\membraneStaticLibr.lib DelayImp.lib %(AdditionalOptions)</AdditionalOptions>

Another one does not have this line. Please see the surrounded code below.

Where is this difference to the static library reflected in the project properties from Visual C++ GUI?

<ItemDefinitionGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|Win32'">
  <PrecompiledHeader />
  <AdditionalOptions>/ERRORREPORT:PROMPT ..\debug\membraneStaticLibr.lib DelayImp.lib %(AdditionalOptions)</AdditionalOptions>
  <LinkErrorReporting />

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The AdditionalOptions field can be found in Project Properties->Configuration Properties->Linker->Command Line. However this is not ok to specify dependencies in there. Use either Additional Dependencies field in Linker, or even better, project references in Common Properties.

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The Linker Command line was exactly the same for both project. So, the origin of " <AdditionalOptions>/ERRORREPORT:PROMPT ..\debug\membraneStaticLibr.lib" is still a puzzle. Setting project references in Common Properties helped – anarinsky Sep 29 '13 at 22:16

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