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I merge images with ffmpeg. I use command

ffmpeg -v -y -r 12.245451/1 -i /tmp/images/img%03d.jpg -i /tmp/sounds/sound.3gp -vcodec mpeg4 out.avi

with -r I want to tell ffmpeg that I want to have 12.245451 images per second. It works only if I call ffmpeg with int values like -r 12/1. How can I tell ffmpeg -r 12.245451?

The problem is that actual rate is 12.245451 if I pass -r 12/1, sound shifts. How can I deal with it?

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You want pass a fractional value with the option -r.

Transform -r 12.245451 To -r 12245451/10000000

It should be ok.

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