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I am using Percona MySQL 5.5.28 MySQl server on linux system with ext4 file system and 23 GB ram out of which 15 GB approx is allocated to MySQL.... I fired a query something like below

INSERT IGNORE INTO table_A SELECT field1,field2,....fieldn FROM table_B;

The above query is locking table_B.... Due to which alter query which i have fired later on the table_B locked.

Above two table are of Innodb and My entire db operations is only Innodb storage engine only.....

Can Anyone please tell me why MySQL locked table_B has locked here ?

If Possible Please let me know when and which queries will lock a table in MySQL ?

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i have read the article before but my question is why table_B locked...There are only 3 threads connected one is mine(root) other executing alter and another executing INSERT IGNORE...SELECT...Please help me out –  vidyadhar Sep 29 '13 at 18:55

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