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I am trying to take a text file full of words and, using MIPS, analyze unique word frequency.

For example, after a file goes through the code, an output could be(capitalization does not matter) :

have: 2
myself: 1
full: 1
Their: 1 
duty: 2
arrangement: 1
the: 10
shall: 12

I have figured out how to upload the file, but can not figure out the MIPS code to make it work. Any help or nudge in the right direction would be great.

    filename: .asciiz "churchill.txt" # File Name / Path
    textSpace: .space 2000       # Space to store strings to be read

    li $v0, 13           # Open a file
    li $a1, 0            # Flag Read
    la $a0, filename     # load file name
    add $a2, $zero, $zero# file mode (unused)
    move $a0, $v0        # load file descriptor
    li $v0, 14           # read from file
    la $a1, textSpace    # allocate space for the bytes loaded
    li $a2, 1050         # number of bytes to be read
    # File is stored in "textSpace"
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How to bake a word frequency analyzer?


  • Input text
  • Memory space for frequency table (pairs of pointer to word (or words themselves, if you prefer) and count)


Search the word in frequency table. If you find the same word, increase its count. Otherwise add it to the end of the table with the initial count value of 1. Repeat until you reach the end of the input text. Finally print out the frequency table.

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