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i need a way to get user information for individual users on my website.

I know i can use google analytics to get the information i require but i don't know how to extract this and send it to a php script when a user submits a form.

i would prefer to use google analytics to extract the data, since it would save me a lot of work, but i would be happy to use another script or put in some original code to get the following information:

operating systems, screen colors,
screen resolutions,
java support,

hope you can help :)


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2 Answers

If you want to collect an overall view rather than tying the information to each user you could put Google Analytics on the page your form submits to. Otherwise you're going to have to roll your own or use a solution from the internet.

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If you are not afraid of doing some programming yourself, have a look at Piwik. It is an open source analytics application much like Google Analytics.
You can extend it via plugins and define your own data you want to collect.

(Of course if you don't create a custom plugin, you do not need to program something to use Piwik)

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