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My Problem: I got three Models :

User <-> Enrollments <-> Course.

  1. An User can be member of many courses
  2. A Course has many members.

Thats no problem, but now i want to have specific permissions based on the Enrollment.

For example I've got :

  1. an User : userA
  2. two Courses : courseA and courseB

userA is :

  • member on courseA with role student
  • and member on courseB as tutor.

A normal student role should only see the contents of the course, a tutor should have extended privileges (eg. edit data, add data ...)

My results on searching are only that i can assign an User to Course with only ONE Role...

Is there any possibility to reach my behavior?

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Assuming the role is defined on an Enrollment, the following should work:

can :read, Course, enrollment: { user_id: user.id }
can :manage, Course, enrollment: { user_id: user.id, role: "tutor" }

The first rule catches any Course which has an Enrollment matching the user's id, allowing the user to view it. The second catches any Course which has an Enrollment matching the user's id, and with a role of "tutor". (You could also specify a role of "student" on the first rule, but that's probably unnecessary in this case.)

I haven't tested this, and you may want to change the actual permissions to something other than :read and :manage, but that should get you on the right track.

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