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JavaScript is a lightweight and powerful language, but it's often misunderstood and hard to learn (especially about its object oriented programming).

What are the good materials (blogs, screencasts and books) to learn JavaScript OOP? The topics can be anything, but let's not include browsers, AJAX and libraries for now.

Also how did you learn the functional programming, closure, object, inheritance and design patterns in JavaScript? Personally I would like to see more code examples because some of the books I mentioned above keep the example minimal.

(EDIT: As this post is now community effort, please help maintain and develop the following list of resources!)



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Shouldn't this be a community wiki? – James Dec 15 '09 at 16:16
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You can see great code examples of Javascript in mainstream libraries like jQuery. I've learned a lot just reading it's source code. There's nothing better than reading sources that are working in millions of websites and are concerned about best practices.

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jQuery is more functional than OOP, no? But there are good OOP frameworks to look at (Ext, Dojo, YUI) and I would also recommend doing so. No one better to learn from than those actually making it work in today's browsers. – bmoeskau Dec 15 '09 at 16:10
There are many libraries I know. Is it possible to tell which library prefers which strategy (i.e., Crockford defines three a) Psudoclassical, Protypal and Functional OOP)? – TK. Dec 15 '09 at 16:10

In the same vein as The Good Parts, Douglas Crockford's website has many good articles on JavaScript and OOP, such as Prototypal Inheritance, Classical Inheritance in JavaScript, etc.

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In addition to the previous references to Crockford's work, I recommend you read this perspective on the contrast of Functional vs. Classical inheritance patterns in JS:

Inheritance Patterns in JavaScript by Michael Bolin

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The recent Crockford on JavaScript video talks are worth watching - Act III: Function the Ultimate covers OOP in JavaScript.

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I have found this blog post to be the most clear explanation of prototypes:

I have written a blog series on object orientation in JavaScript. You can access it here:

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Most of the resources you can get surfing on the internet. You can see the links googling on google. With the oops javascript code, there is no need for the developers to rewrite the code instead they can create small blocks of code. I' m listing down the resources of which I'm aware of -

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