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How would you find the mode and frequency of items in a Python list?

This is what I have so for:

elif user_option == 7:
    for score in scores_list:
        count = scores_list.count(score)
        print ("mode(s), occuring" + str(count) + ":")

What I need to do is print out the scores that appear the most if the user inputs a set of scores where 2 appear at the same amount of time and I also have to display the actual score. But this is what I get when I test it:

Select an option above:7
mode(s), occuring2:
mode(s), occuring2:
mode(s), occuring1:
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if you are trying to count frequency of an item of a list try this:

from collections import Counter
data = Counter(your_list_in_here)
data.most_common()   # Returns all unique items and their counts
data.most_common(1)  # Returns the highest occurring item
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