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I'm having a simple problem copying a char from register al into a variable called ErrorChars...

Do I have to dereference the destination as [ErrorChars]? Is this a decent solution to scanning a buffer, finding the errored chars within the buffer, and placing them in a string, so that I can print them as one item?

 SECTION .data                   ; Section containing initialized data                                                                                                           

    ErrorChars:             db "", 10
    ErrorCharsLen:          equ $-ErrorChars

    ; ... 

    mov al, byte [ebp+ecx]      ; copy current byte of Buffer into al                                                                                                            
    mov byte ErrorChars, [al]   ; copy byte at al into ErrorChars                                                                                                   
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mov byte ErrorChars, [al]   ; copy byte at al into ErrorChars

ErrorChars is your memory operand, not al. So yes, it should be in brackets and not al.

mov [ErrorChars], al   ; copy byte in al into ErrorChars
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