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i am very new to javascript but i need something like suppose i have a white background button when i click it once then its background should change to black and when i click again on it its background should change into white again. means i need to change background of the same button on clicking the same button, please help me, i am really very puzzle and i am also in learning stage of javascript so if you can tell me something more about javascript or any idea beside what i need, i would be thankful to you, thanks.

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I understand you are new to JavaScript, but what have you tried? – vol7ron Sep 30 '13 at 2:54

A jQuery solution would be (I put the text color to red so that on toggle it won't end up having text black on black i.e. invisible.)


#div { /* use any selector that matches your desired element */
    background-color: #FFF;

#div.dark { /* the "dark" class to be added by jQuery, 
               put your above selector in front to increase specificity */
    background-color: #000;

About the "specificity" issue, if you don't add #div in front of dark, the #div definition will override the .dark definition and the div will remain white, even it is added by jQuery. Look at this or this if you want to know more.


// ensure HTML is ready/completely loaded, so that you won't end up 
// binding click to something non-existent (at the time the binding occurs)
// Trying to bind something non-existent will not work because jQuery can never know
// if there is such element in the future, unless you use delegates (far fetched)
    // on click, bind the "click" event to your element, and do something
        $(this).toggleClass('dark'); // on click, toggle the class of the element clicked
        // i.e. if the class does not exist, add it, otherwise remove it.
        // in jQuery, "this" is the element clicked/mouse-overed/etc.. i.e. target of the event
        // in functions passed to jQuery event-binding functions.
        // CSS/browsers is smart enough to detect these class changes and apply styles to new elements.

#div means an element with id div i.e. <div id="div"></div>, as # means an element that has the following ID. If you have class instead i.e. <div class="div"></div>, use .div

Documentations for click, toggleClass, and passing a function to jQuery constructor

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You may try something like this


<button class="btn">Toggle Background</button>





    $('.btn').on('click', function(){


Vanilla JavaScript :

window.onload = function(){
    document.querySelector('.btn').onclick = function(){
        if(this.className.match('btn_red')) {
            this.className = 'btn';
        else {
            this.className = 'btn btn_red';

DEMO. There are other ways but these are just some ideas.

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