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In autobahn python, it seems like if my initial connection failed there's no way to tell, or any callbacks that I can override in my WampClientProtocol subclass. I tried overriding clientConnectionFailed, but it didn't get called when the connection failed.

The only output I get when the connection failed is

2013-09-29 22:17:50-0500 [Uninitialized] Stopping factory <autobahn.wamp.WampClientFactory instance at 0x20ee758>
2013-09-29 22:17:50-0500 [Uninitialized] WebSocketClientFactory stopped
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Turns out this is not AutobahnPython specific - the Twisted way of handling this is overriding clientConnectionFailed (the initial connection already failed .. "host unreachable" and such) and/or clientConnectionLost (there once was a connection that got lost .. or closed regularily).

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Ah, I tried overriding clientConnectionFailed on my Protocol class, not my Factory class. Thanks for the help! – notbad.jpeg Oct 13 '13 at 0:43

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