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I was wondering if it's possible to isolate Symfony 2 commands from each other, to protect the other commands from syntax / initialisation errors. As an example, let's say I have a fresh symfony install and all is working well when I run php app/console. Now I create a new command, and do everything by the book. I test php app/console mycommand and it works fine.

But now I start to fiddle and I make a syntax error inside the protected function initialize(InputInterface $input, OutputInterface $output) {} function. Or even the protected function configure() {} function for that matter. Any function that's being called by the core php app/console command will break the entire console.

Sure, it's easy to fix this etc. but the fact is that in the real world some-times there's rather complex things that can (and does) go into the initialize and configure functions, which might create logic errors in the setups.

Other than that, sometimes one have to replace the content of a file on live to fix something fast before the main CI kicks in. When one makes a change like this, and messes it up, not only do you mess up your own command but the entire console. This would be fine if the console is just used to run manual tasks, but it's not in most production environments. There's cron-jobs that gets run every few seconds, and breaking the console globally like this is a big problem for those crons.

So again, the question is if it's possible to isolate the console from problems like this. I've tried a few things including putting a class between my console command and ContainerAwareCommand where instead of extending ContainerAwareCommand I extend CustomContainerAwareCommand - in which I then try to arrest errors and return something that will tell the user something is broken, but not break the entire console. This seems like a bit of a hack though.

Any ideas would be helpful, thanks :)

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