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In internet I am seeing examples like they are simple indiced ("1", "2", "42" etc) however gcm.register returns a very long string for me ("APA91bEf9sThIN9wagUAPTzn16igAFg_h7FxBKbKpzHgIJpDivY4RLWiVRpvIE1go7Lqi1jraVggKnXfzp1Owks5k7ZHgKnDNbj2pe2KkPyL5jn8a_8ApcpoRL.... like a hundred character)

Is this supoosed to be happen? I can't send also send messages, I don't know if they are related

curl -X POST -H "Authorization:key=AIzaSyBRjz...ArolkyANF-pMgJ8Kg" --data '{ "data": {   "score": "5x1",    "time": "15:10"  }, "registration_ids": [ "APA91bEf9sThIN9wagUAPTzn16igAFg_h7FxBKbKpzHgIJpDivY4RLWiVR...ECYYtiKQ3wq68PvuIj2OCaYQm5nzxrg" ] }'

gives me Error=MissingRegistration

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yes the gcm reg id is like what you got. Error must be something else.

this is mine

reggg APA91bHgP3QU_v-z98i0KLk7Z2Svkxljnb5_R_7z4- gEbIHs4nVWTF8dq3nwE6fJLBfxGvI3JiTWJOo9SVh6htYO7IBenspwQwePyOJWJsINTrTrlENP4AyE6c6AsQIeNnrYCiQ7C-B4

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Thanks for the confirmation. I also fixed the issue, I wasn't adding content-type Content-Type:"application/json" to headers. – taytay Sep 30 '13 at 6:42
gudluck buddy....... – arjunkn Sep 30 '13 at 8:09

Example like this (taken from the Android developer guide for GCM):

{ "data": {
    "score": "5x1",
    "time": "15:10"
  "registration_ids": ["4", "8", "15", "16", "23", "42"]

Do not show real registration IDs, since those would take too much space. The real registration IDs look like the long string you posted.

As for getting Error=MissingRegistration, when you don't specify your content type to be application/json, it is assumed to be plain-text (application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=UTF-8). In the plain text format, the registration ID is passed in a parameter called registration_id, which you don't have in your request, which explains the error. As you found out yourself, specifying the content type as application/json solves the problem.

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