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I have a dataset that looks like this:

featureDict = {identifier1: [[first 3-gram], [second 3-gram], ... [last 3-gram]],
               identifierN: [[first 3-gram], [second 3-gram], ... [last 3-gram]]}

Plus I have a dict of labels for the same set of documents:

labelDict = {identifier1: label1,
             identifierN: labelN}

I want to figure out the most appropriate nltk container in which I can store this information in one place and seamlessly apply the nltk classifiers.

Additionally, before I use any classifiers on this dataset I'd also like to use a tf-idf filter on this features space.

References and documentation will be helpful.

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You just need a simple dict. Have a look at the snippet in NLTK classify interface using trained classifier.

The reference documentation for this is still the nltk book: and the API specs:

Here are some pages that might help you:,,

Also, have in mind that nltk is limited with regards to the classifier algorithms it provides. For more advanced exploration, you'd be better off using scikit-learn.

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