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I am working on an application which has ember.js at frontend and node.js + express.js at backend. The ember.js front is based on yeoman generated template.

During development, how can I run backend and front application in same server and achieve 'liverreload'. The yeoman generated grunt.js file only runs ember application in liverreload enabled server. I dont want to runt one server for front end and one for back end.

P.S. In prod version, I am starting node server and serving ember application via express static directory.

Below is the my node/express code:

    var app, express, gzippo;
    var gzippo = require('gzippo');
    var express = require('express');
    var app = express();

        app.use(gzippo.staticGzip("" + __dirname + "/dist")); // built ember application is deployed in this dir

    app.configure('development', function(){

    app.use(function(req, res, next){
      console.log('%s %s', req.method, req.url);
      console.log('__dirname : %s', __dirname);

    app.post('/', function(req, res, next){
        req.method = "GET";

    var port = process.env.PORT || 9000;
    var host = 'localhost.com'
    app.listen(port, host, function() {
      console.log("Listening on " + port);

There is no change in yeoman generated grunt.js file. Please guide me how I can achieve above explained scenario.


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check out this grunt plugin: github.com/blai/grunt-express , I actually have to do something like this ad well, maybe this week. Add that to your 'server' task. –  knownasilya Oct 7 '13 at 0:04
Did you ever find an elegant solution to your problem? –  knownasilya Nov 20 '13 at 12:30
Not yet. What about you? –  amique Nov 20 '13 at 22:23
possible duplicate of Is there a client+server-side MVC JS framework –  Paul Sweatte May 28 '14 at 6:40

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