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I have been working with Laravel for a while now.

However, I am faced with a new challenge. I have some notifications in my application which are going to be shown on the master template.

In this scenario, it'd be great being able to include NotificationController@getNotifications returning af view containing the notifications.

How can I achieve this?

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Not really sure what you're trying to achieve. Can you elaborate on the user journey on how you see this working and perhaps I can help? –  Gareth Daine Sep 30 '13 at 9:38

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I don't think you should include any controller to achieve this. Controllers are supposed to handle user requests. I think a composer is the way to go.

Create a composer for your master template that will provide the view with the notifications you want to be shown.

View::composer('layouts.master', function($view)
    $notifications = Notification::all();
    $view->with('notifications', $notifications);

Then render the notifications in the template file.

Another way to do this, is to add a composer to the notifications view and then include that view from the master template (using @include).

Note: Laravel doesn't provide a file or folder for composers to be in by default. I usually create a composers.php or a composers folder (for class based composers).

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