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Anybody has some code in objective-c to convert a NSInteger or NSString to binary string?


56 -> 111000

There are some code in stackoverflow that try do this, but it doesn´t work.


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Just a note, 111000 is technically a negative number if you're using 2's complement. 0111000 is positive (because of the leading 0) –  Dave DeLong Dec 15 '09 at 17:38

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Not sure which examples on SO didn't work for you, but Adam Rosenfield's answer here seems to work. I've updated it to remove a compiler warning:

// Original author Adam Rosenfield... SO Question 655792
NSInteger theNumber = 56;
NSMutableString *str = [NSMutableString string];
for(NSInteger numberCopy = theNumber; numberCopy > 0; numberCopy >>= 1)
    // Prepend "0" or "1", depending on the bit
    [str insertString:((numberCopy & 1) ? @"1" : @"0") atIndex:0];

NSLog(@"Binary version: %@", str);
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It works Thanks!!!! –  oscarp Dec 15 '09 at 17:08

Tooting my own horn a bit here...

I've written a math framework called CHMath that deals with arbitrarily large integers. One of the things it does is allows the user to create a CHNumber from a string, and get its binary representation as a string. For example:

CHNumber * t = [CHNumber numberWithString:@"56"];
NSString * binaryT = [t binaryStringValue];
NSLog(@"Binary value of %@: %@", t, binaryT);


2009-12-15 10:36:10.595 otest-x86_64[21918:903] Binary value of 56: 0111000

The framework is freely available on its Github repository.

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Awesome library. –  uchuugaka Dec 24 '13 at 2:06

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