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Ive got a problem. In each document I've got fields: and

I want to get the field name value for them so i can get data from the database.

Between the lines beneath i have marked the lines where i want to get the fields.

But it returns error because they are $doc is object.

How can i get the fields? I have to do it when it iterates the document and not when it iterates the $field and $value.

 // iterate document
 foreach ($results->response->docs as $doc)


// iterate document fields / values
foreach ($doc as $field => $value)
    echo htmlspecialchars($field, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'utf-8') . "<br />";
    echo htmlspecialchars($value, ENT_NOQUOTES, 'utf-8') . "<br />";
    //echo $doc['threads.title'] . "<br/>";


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According to the PHPDocs I think you want...

$threads = $doc->getField('')
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In most cases you can use:

$value = $doc->fieldname;

Alternatively, if your fieldname isn't a legal PHP variable,

$field = $doc->getField('');
$value = $field['value'];
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