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I am working in some code development related to clinical study. I have multiple visits, like baseline, week 01, and so on. To avoid the use of multiple IF-ELSE statements for assigning numeric values to these visits, I just creating formats using format procedure.

proc format;
 value _vis $ 'baseline'='1'
            'week02'='3' ;

But I am looking for is like baseline having a value 1(numeric) not character. Is there any way out for this problem. Please help.

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It would really help if you could advise how you are using the formatted values – Keith Sep 30 '13 at 10:11
FORMAT shows SAS how to display in character a value (either numeric or character). INFORMAT shows SAS how to convert to numeric a value (either character or numeric). – Joe Sep 30 '13 at 13:34
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Simply change your format to an informat...

proc format;
  invalue vis /* INvalue = informat */
    'baseline' = 1
    'week01'   = 2
    'week02'   = 3 

data data1 ;
  d = 'baseline' ;
  n = input(d,VIS.) ;
run ;
proc print ; run ;

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proc format;
 value $_vis 

data test;
length vis $8.;
vis = 'baseline';
vis = 'week01';
vis = 'week02';

data test2;
set test;
format vis2 _vis.;
vis3=input(put(vis2, _vis.),8.);


vis     vis2    vis3
baseline    1   1
week01      2   2
week02      3   3

where vis & vis2 are character variables and vis3 is a numeric variable.

Is this what you are looking for?

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