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I have added libpng to my application. If I build for simulator, everything is OK. When I build application for device, I got linker error:

    Undefined symbols for architecture armv7: "_png_init_filter_functions_neon", referenced from: _png_read_filter_row in libpng-arm7-release.a(pngrutil.o)

I have build libpng manually from source, same way for simulator and device (only with changed target of compilation). I have tried to find this problem, but noone seems to post anything about this problem.

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I "solved" this by replacing lines 117-121 in libpng's pngpriv.h:

#  ifdef __ARM_NEON__
#     define PNG_ARM_NEON_OPT 2
#  else
#     define PNG_ARM_NEON_OPT 0
#  endif


#define PNG_ARM_NEON_OPT 0

This disables ARM's NEON optimizations, which seems to be the cause of the problem.

This is merely a workaround though, I didn't have time to investigate the real cause of the problem further.

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You need compile *.c files from arm folder. –  PSyton Jan 1 at 7:18
you can also just compile with preprocessor flag "PNG_ARM_NEON_OPT=0" so you don't have to modify libpng source –  bitwise Mar 24 at 1:22
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