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In PHP < 5.5 there is no support for Intl MessageFormatter string having named arguments. With some languages and strings this leads to translation strings that are very hard to understand.

PHP 5.4 ( PHP < 5.5 )

$Formater = new MessageFormatter($locale, "{0} inhabit {1}.");

print $Formater->format(array('Wookies', 'Kashyyyk'));

vs. PHP 5.5 named arguments

$Formater = new MessageFormatter($locale, "{raceName} inhabit {planetName}.");

print $Formater->format(array('raceName'=>'Wookies', 'planetName=>'Kashyyyk'));

Our software has to support PHP versions ranging from 5.3 -> to latest but I'd like to make things easier for the translators.

Could anyone present a way to implement named arguments to MessageFormatter on PHP < 5.5?

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I'm working on it for Yii2 framework but kinda stucked with string replacement now: github.com/yiisoft/yii2/pull/917/…. The idea is to convert named arguments to positional ones. –  Sam Dark Oct 9 '13 at 20:49

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pecl install intl-beta worked for me, but that was almost year ago. Not sure how it is now. May be simply pecl install intl

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