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I am currently doing the role of a scrum master. The team is using TFS to track the backlog and they break down the PBI's into multiple tasks and assign the hours against each. The team is achieving the sprint goal but they are not updating their task state (WIP, Done etc) and reducing the hours which are left on that. It looks like they keep on forgetting that or maybe it's not something worthy for them. I have to remind them at times to update that and it's done then. So, I just wanted to know what the most effective way to keep updating the tasks daily is, so that everyone is updated with how much work is remaining?

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I would suggest you start by practicing two short standups a day, one in the start and one in the end. And after quick standup (max 10 min.s = 1 min. for team member) everyone has to update their TFS items. After a month or so, they will be updating tasks before the meeting, just not to waste time after the meeting instead of going home. And later on you will remove one of the meetings, and you will ask to update through day, see how this experiment works! –  Vidas Vasiliauskas Oct 4 '13 at 6:41

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This is a very subjective question and will vary from team to team. However...

In our shop we ask everyone to update the tasks that they were working on prior to our daily standup meetings. When we first started the stand-ups, we had to issue a reminder at the beginning of the meeting. Eventually it became a habit to ensure that it was done prior to the morning meeting.

This not only helped keep TFS up to date, but it also made the meetings flow better because people had just gone over their task list and it was fresh in their mind what had been done, what problems they were having from the previous day, and what they were planning on working next.

First and foremost, I tried to sell it as something that would benefit them. By keeping their individual tasks updated, even if it was just completed/in progress/etc it made it easier for the rest of the team members to get an idea of what was left and also to help ensure that tasks that were being worked by somebody else weren't "accidentally" picked up. I also tried to convey to them that, while the short term benefits weren't readily apparent, the long term benefits would allow us to collect meaningful data to help us operate more smoothly as a team. Lastly, (which was the last way I wanted due to it being misconstrued as a threat) we made it a part of their performance review.

Once a few people started buying into it, the group actually began to monitor itself and the ones that were doing it began exerting pressure on the ones who weren't.

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Our DSU generally happens in morning, as soon as everyone's in office. So, am not sure whether this would work in my case or not. But, I can certainly give it a try. So, did you tell the team that everyone needs to update it before DSU? I mean how did you convey that to team and convinced them on this. –  whyAto8 Sep 30 '13 at 9:07
See edit above. –  cbeckner Sep 30 '13 at 9:59
I can try that out with the team and see if the team buys that. Thanks. –  whyAto8 Oct 1 '13 at 5:17

If the team is achieving their Sprint Goal, it is likely that they may not see the value in updating their tasks. As ScrumMaster, I'd want to examine this prior to making recommendations.

One of the coaching methods I use is to ask the team if they're going to deliver all the PBIs in the Sprint. The answer is not as important as the follow-up question which is always: "How do you know that?"

This is where task hours remaining and the Sprint Burndown provide value to the team. They can see at-a-glance if they're on target. That's important because they can inspect and adapt accordingly which is a vital part of Scrum.

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I like the explanation, the follow up question you wrote completely make sense, how everyone in the team will know the answer to "How do you know that, if team is going to deliver all PBI's". In this case, it shows the importance of updating tasks. Thanks. –  whyAto8 Oct 1 '13 at 5:20

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