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I try to create VPN client for ICS with VpnService, I read articles about ToyVpn and I know what I should create own PPTP tunnel but I can't fount any information about how I can create PPTP tunnel with mschapv2 authentication. After some researching I see what many applications use for creating PPTP tunnel C/C++ language. But I need do it on Java. Have you any information or references how I can do it?

p.s. Please don't suggest about OpenVpn, I know it and I used it before, but now it is not right case

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In Theory, I would create a project in api 2.3 using hidden libraries or using reflection for pptp vpn client then make this project as library project. Followed by creating a vpnservice based project in ICS and importing the 2.3 client to only use pptp libraries/protocol support. As we all know reflection is not possible anymore in ICS. It should work in theory lets see if anyone is sucsessful.

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