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iam a newbie to php-gearman and with the help of some usefull tutorials, i tried out some examples. Like the above basic code.

Client Side

# Create our client object.
$client= new GearmanClient();

# Add default server (localhost).
$client->addServer("localhost", 4730);

echo "Sending job\n";

# Send reverse job
$result = $client->doBackground("reverse", "Hello!");
$stat = $client->jobStatus($result);
$done = false;


function test($data)
        echo $data;

                $done = true;
                echo $result;
        echo "status".json_encode($stat)."/n";
        $stat = $client->jobStatus($result);

Server Side

# Create our worker object.
$worker= new GearmanWorker();

# Add default server (localhost).
$worker->addServer("localhost", 4730);

# Register function "reverse" with the server.
$worker->addFunction("reverse", "reverse_fn");

while (1)
  print "Waiting for job...\n";

  $ret= $worker->work();
  if ($worker->returnCode() != GEARMAN_SUCCESS)

function reverse_fn($job)
  $workload= $job->workload();
  echo "Received job: " . $job->handle() . "\n";
  echo "Workload: $workload\n";
  $result= strrev($workload);
  echo "Result: $result\n";
  return $result;

This code gets me job Status.

My question is, while using GermanClient::doBackground how to get returned data after successfull worker execution?

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