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I have a link with an image that users can click to logout,
I would love to show a tooltip when a user hovers over the image.
Basicly pretty easy with Twitter Bootstrap, but the tricky part is the following:
The user has a button to change it's language and when he/she does the tooltip should be translated, I use Angular.translate for this and it works great but when I bind the options for the tooltip it doesn't pick up the filter.


<a id="logout_link" title="" data-toggle="tooltip" href="#" data-original-title="{{ 'LOGOUT' | translate }}" data-placement="left">
    <img src="img/icons/logout.png" alt="logout" data-ng-click="logout()"/>

Anyone knows how to make it dynamic?

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Check angular-ui bootstrap project tooltip

You will be able to bind the tooltip to a ng-model like this:

Dynamic Tooltip: <a href="">{{dynamicTooltipText | translate}}</a>

And apply the translate filter. Then in your controller:

var TooltipDemoCtrl = function ($scope) {
  $scope.dynamicTooltipText = "LOGOUT";
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thanks a lot :) –  J.Pip Sep 30 '13 at 11:09

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