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The code I am using:

Function InvTbin(const Conf, Df: real): real;
  tTABLE: array [1..4, 1..2] of real = ((3.07, 63.66), (1.88, 9.93), (1.63, 5.85),(1.53, 4.61));
  t, p, u, d: real;
  i: integer;
  i:= Trunc(Df);
  Result:= 0.0;
  if ErrCN(Conf, i) then Exit;
  // d:= 1.53;
  // u:= 4.61
  if i > High(tTABLE) then i:= High(tTABLE);
  d:= tTABLE[i, 1];
  u:= tTABLE[i, 2]; 
  t:= (d +u) /2.0;
  frmG.AddL( Format('Go for Conf: %.3f', [conf]) );
  i:= 1;
    p:= TDist(t, Df);
    frmG.AddL( Format('i= %.2d; %.4f, %.4f, %.9f; c-p= %.5e; ', [i, d, t, u, conf-p]) );
    if p < Conf then
      u:= t
      d:= t;
    t:= (d +u) /2.0;
  // until (i > 32) or (Abs(Conf -p) < 1E-11);
  until (i > MAX_ITE) or (Abs(Conf -p) < MAX_TOL);
  Result:= t;
end;// InvTbin

Notes: tTable has only 4 degrees of freedom by now, I'll add the others after the function test; frmG.AddL... is just a shortcut to add text to a memo; Actually the code performs quite well: for Confidence= 0.05 and Degrees of freedom= 4 the error is -1.66649805066754E-010 - Open Office Calc :-) - after 32 iterations (function Breaks cause of i > MAX_ITE)

Thanks for any suggestion...

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