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I have a cloud carousel installed on my web site: http://dev.webcoder.kz/page/fashion-autumn-2013

    xPos: 480,
    yPos: 50,
    buttonLeft: $("#left-but"),
    buttonRight: $("#right-but"),
    altBox: $("#alt-text"),
    titleBox: $("#title-text")

When you click on every image - this image is shown in original in a colorbox. It's ok.

I want to use bringToFront: true option with this carousel. I mean, show colorbox with image originals size only when you click on a front image! When you click on not front images they just scroll and become a main image.

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I got the same issue. Here is a solution to modify the carousel.js

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thanks, will try it :) –  Heihachi Nov 6 '13 at 6:28

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