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Is there any way of checking if a live audio signal is currently playing through the iPhones active output (speakers / headphones / bluetooth etc). Whichever one is currently selected.

I'm using AVPlayer to play a live stream from a streaming server and I have been analyzing AVPlayer behavior in low quality connectivity situations. By checking the AVPlayerItem loadedTimeRanges property I can see that sometimes the player may have up to 30 seconds of buffer left to play and be in a playing state, but it may not be playing any sound. I have noticed in this situation it may take up to a 3 or 4 seconds for the audio to actually start coming through the speakers.

I want to know when audio is actually coming out of the active output as checking the length of the players buffer is greater than 0 and that play has been called is not a reliable method for inferring this.

Does anyone know of any other way of doing this, as I can not see anything obvious in the AV Foundation or CoreAudio documentation.

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