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Here's piece of code doing the main thing - attaching to an active process. Although it appears that child processes have not got caught as CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT in the switch. Only CREATE(EXIT)_THREAD_DEBUG_EVENT and LOAD_DLL_DEBUG_EVENT are printed in stderr, though I know exactly that sub-processes are created (not threads). Please advise.


    while (!done) {
        DWORD status = DBG_CONTINUE;
        DEBUG_EVENT debugEvent;

        WaitForDebugEvent(&debugEvent, INFINITE);
        switch (debugEvent.dwDebugEventCode) {

        cerr << "Got event " << debugEvent.dwDebugEventCode << endl;

            CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO &info = debugEvent.u.CreateProcessInfo;
            cerr << "process created " << debugEvent.dwProcessId << endl;  
            EXIT_PROCESS_DEBUG_INFO &info = debugEvent.u.ExitProcess;
            cerr << "process exited" << endl;
        case LOAD_DLL_DEBUG_EVENT:
        ContinueDebugEvent(debugEvent.dwProcessId, debugEvent.dwThreadId, status);
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Did you mean to say "sub-processes are created"? –  arx Sep 30 '13 at 13:43
Thanks, a typo here –  Nelly Sep 30 '13 at 13:44
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The documentation at msdn.microsoft.com says: "... as if it created the process with the DEBUG_ONLY_THIS_PROCESS flag ...".

This means: When debugging a process with DebugActiveProcess all threads of the process are debugged (of course) but child processes are by not debugged.

To debug child processes too, you may set a breakpoint to the first address of CreateProcess() (to be more precise: CreateProcessA, CreateProcessW, CreateProcessAsUserA, ...). When this breakpoint is entered you modify the flags field so the process is started in suspended state and when the function returns you call DebugActiveProcess.

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Thanks for the clarification, but could you please tell how do I set programmatically a breakpoint to that functions (CreateProcessA/W) ? –  Nelly Oct 1 '13 at 9:08
Bonus question: if child process are not debugged, why don't I see at least CREATE_PROCESS_DEBUG_EVENT event's occurred in the main loop for top debugged process? –  Nelly Oct 1 '13 at 10:28
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