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If I were to define some function in the database (perhaps Postgres, or any other database):

create or replace function isValidCookie(ckie);

I would call it from SQL as:

select * from cookietable c where isValidCookie(c.cookie);

How can I call a custom function such as this from Hibernate?

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I know you can use a view same as you would a table (just use mutable in the xml), but to call a function would be very handy – Zoidberg Dec 15 '09 at 18:14
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If you want to use your custom function in HQL, you'll need to define it in appropriate Dialect

Take a look at PostgreSQLDialect (or any other, really) source, and you'll see a bunch of registerFunction() calls. You'll need to add one more :-) - for your own custom function.

You'll then have to specify your own dialect in Hibernate configuration.

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You may be able to do that using native queries. This doc explains.

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