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I want to configure PyCharm 3.0 to use a Remote Python Interpreter.

The Problem is, I have to connect over a SSH Gateway:

MyMachine -> Gateway -> Machine with Python

When I connect via Cygwin I type the following: ssh -t "ssh"

Is there a way to achieve this in PyCharm? Another question, can I forward the X11 server to PyCharm (so that I can view the matplotlib plots on my machine?)

Regards, m

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I was able to the piggyback X11 forwarding through another ssh connection. Try setting the DISPLAY environment variable in your PyCharm run configuration like so:


Check the value of DISPLAY in the other connection to see exactly what the value should be.

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I am not sure I have understood your question correctly, it is maybe more adequate for the UNiX/Linux part.

At you machine:

ssh -fN -L 2222:machinewithPython:22 \

This connects port 2222 on your local machine to port 22 on remotemachine, and the ssh tunnnel will remain open until you kill the ssh process.

See the following links here and there.

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Yes, thats correct, if you want to ssh on the console. But I want this setup in the PyCharm IDE and don't know if it's possible... – Maecky Sep 30 '13 at 13:10

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